Herzogin Camilla hat immer noch mit viel Hass zu kämpfen. Im Internet verbreitet sich jedoch gerade eine Bewegung, die das zu ändern versucht.

 Lovestorm statt Shitstorm: Herzogin Camilla erfährt im Netz eine Welle der Sympathie.  ©imago
Lovestorm statt Shitstorm: Herzogin Camilla erfährt im Netz eine Welle der Sympathie. ©imago

Herzogin Camilla hat es immer noch schwer

Es gab Zeiten, da war Herzogin Camilla die am meisten gehasste Frau auf dem Planeten. Nachdem die Affäre mit Prinz Charles öffentlich wurde, schlug ihr eine Welle des Hasses entgegen. Ein Jahr lang konnte sie das Haus nicht verlassen, aus Angst, wie Anhänger von Prinzessin Diana auf sie reagieren würden. „Es war abscheulich. Es war eine zutiefst unerfreuliche Zeit, die ich nicht mal meinen schlimmsten Feinden wünschen würde“, erklärte die Britin rückblickend im Interview mit „Mail on Sunday“. Und auch heute ist sie in den Augen vieler die Frau, die Prinzessin Diana um ihr Glück brachte.

Lovestorm für Herzogin Camilla

Doch es gibt inzwischen auch immer mehr Anhänger von Herzogin Camilla. Menschen, die ihr großes Engagement und zurückhaltendes Wesen schätzen. Royal-Fan Zuzanna rief nun eine Bewegung im Internet ins Leben. Im Rahmen der „Anti-Bullying Week“ forderte sie andere Anhänger auf, etwas Positives über die Frau von Prinz Charles zu schreiben. „Mich hat es immer gestört, dass Camilla so gehasst wird“, erzählt sie. „Und nachdem Camilla bei den neuen Fotos von Prinz Charles’ Geburtstag weggephotoshopt wurde, habe ich beschlossenen das zu machen.“

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Dear people , I tought the #AntiBullyingWeek is a great occasion to create this post. Becouse I would like to show that the haters can’t reach anything! Every single person can make this world better. I’ve choose to talk about HRH Camilla the Duchess of Cornwall, I wanted to create such such a post few weeks ago but the new family picture motivated me even more. To be honest , people who photoshopped Diana on Camilla’s place made me really angry. I’ve never been a big fan of Diana but such people made me to dislike her more and more. This women gets hate only for her love… Yes Charles cheated on Diana with Camilla , and of course is that wrong. But imagine you’re in love with the love of your life , and you have to marry someone else. Diana was a very kind person that’s sure , she did so many good things. But Diana wasn’t an angel either. Diana also cheated on on Charles in the 80s & as we Know she had affairs & the most people forget it. But we shouldn’t judge anyone of them , everyone did wrong things and we don’t have the right to judge them. We only know what the media told us , we don’t know what happened behind closed doors. Hating Charles & Camilla won’t wring Diana back , she Died over 20 years ago & we should love forward. Let them be happy❤️ #royalsareonlyhumans

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Zuzannas Aufruf folgten inzwischen zahlreiche Fans. Erkennbar sind die Instagram-Beiträge durch ein Schwarz-Weiss-Foto von Herzogin Camilla und dem Hashtag #royalsareonlyhumans. So schreibt zum Beispiel ein Fan: „Meiner Meinung nach ist sie eine reizende Frau mit einem großen Herzen.“

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This week it is #antibullyingweek the next days I will post some posts according to that!!! This is my first one, about the duchess of Cornwall, Camilla. In my opinion she is a lovely women with a big heart❤ but after marrying prince Charles she gets so extremely much hate. I know she has maked much mistakes. And I know Charles was cheating on Diana by Camilla. And I agree that is not oke. But nobody deserves so much hate. I think that we have to respect her. We have to respect everyone!!! Please spread some love❤❤❤❤ If you agree with this please join this idea of @history_royals and post a black and white photo of a royal who get's to much hate in your opinion and give your opinion. Post it with #royalsareonlyhumans #duchessofcornwall #camilla #royals #royalty #stopbullying #britishroyals #britishroyalfamily #princessdiana #love

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Und eine anderer Fan-Bloggerin schreibt: „Lasst die Vergangenheit ruhen, Camilla verdient diesen ganzen Hass nicht.“ So sehen das auch zahlreiche andere Instagram-Nutzer und schlossen sich der Bewegung an. Auch in den Kommentaren finden sich zahlreiche positive Meinungen über die Ehefrau von Prinz Charles.

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@history_royals started a very great thing, and I wanna join her hashtag because there is a hate on a person which makes me really angry. (read her latest post) I’m just writing my thoughts right now, if you have another opinion let me know in the comments about it. I don’t know where I should start because there are a lot of things to say! Does this woman seriously deserve this hate? what has camilla done that she gets all the hate? I will NEVER find a answer on it! What is so wrong that she married the love of her life?! SHE (and also charles didn’t) DIDN’T KILLED DIANA!! Oh my god I don’t know why people think that.. Just put all your thoughts and all the hate away from camilla and begin again. Begin with a new perspective. Put the thing away that she is the second wife of charles, the wife after diana, and start seeing her from another perspective. It’s not even good for yourself to people. Spend your time with other things and not with photoshoping camilla away and put diana on the photos. Stop hating her because there isn’t a reason. Everybody can love/like who he/she wants, but nobody is allowed to hate people, doesn’t matters what they have done in the past. Just let the past be the past. CAMILLA DOESN’T DESERVE THE HATE!! and if you would put all your hate away from her you could see that she has such a warm heart!! the royal family accepts her already since a long time so why can’t you do it? Diana will never be forgot! she is always in our hearts! she is an angel looking down from sky to us. And I also wish that she would be still here, that we could see her with william and harry, with kate and meghan, and with her grandchildren. But she wont come back… don’t you think it’s time to accept camilla? #WeLoveCamilla #royalsareonlyhumans

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Today, I am posting this picture of a non-Swedish royal because I need to get something off my chest. Since those family pictures of the Cambridge‘s, Sussex’s, Camilla and Charles have been released, I have seen more and more edits where Camilla was removed and Diana sat on her place. And seriously, this is so wrong! Diana is dead. We shouldn’t forget her, that’s for sure. But even if she was alive she wouldn’t be on family pictures of the royal family anymore. She and Charles were divorced! And Charles married Camilla because she is the love of his life. He got married to Diana earlier, yes, but only because he had to! And yes, he cheated on her with Camilla but what would you have done in his place? Neither Charles nor Diana would have been happy. Charles cheated, Diana cheated too. None of them is innocent. But Charles and Camilla are innocent in Diana‘s dead. It was an accident so everyone stop making them responsible for what happened! Last week I saw a documentary about Charles‘ and Diana‘s unlucky marriage and in an interview Harry said that he and William think that Camilla is a wonderful woman and they really like her. Of course Diana is their mother but she is D E A D. The British royal family accepted her so why can’t people accept her too? #royalsareonlyhumans

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#antibullyingweek Thanks to the idea @history_royals I thought about doing the same thing with several people who are not supported for various reasons.. Camilla Shand, formerly Parker Bowles, now the Duchess of Cornwall is one of the royal people who are not determined. I love Diana, she was a good person who does not deserve to be bored, but if Prince William and Prince Harry love her (ok I do not love to accept it), why can not we? She did not kill her, she did nothing, and even married in 2005 when they could get married as soon as Diana died. Try not to hate, try to be good, not she killed her, no, she just loved Charles, maybe Charles was not bound, maybe he was something else. Please without hate.🙏🙏 #royalsareonlyhumans

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Beautiful picture of Her Royal Highness Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall ❤️. Camilla needs as much respect as all of us, she is a human being, it must be horrible to see how people are against you for something that already happened and you have nothing to do there. If Diana is one of the most loved people in all the world, Camilla also should be, not only for being the future Queen of England, but because she has known how to earn the respect of not only of The Royal Family, but also of Her stepchildren. She is human, who needs and deserves respect and love. I hope you understand. M. #royalsareonlyhumans #hermajesty #queenelizabeth #queenelizabethii #elizabethiir #princephilip #dukeofedinburgh #princecharles #princeofwales #princessdiana #princessofwales #duchesscamilla #princesscamilla #princewilliam #dukeofcambridge #katemiddleton #duchessofcambridge #princegeorge #princesscharlotte #princelouis #princeharry #dukeofsussex #meghanmarkle #duchessofsussex #babysussex #houseofwindsor

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Hi guys This post is very special because it isn't a post about Catherine. I wanted to post a very special topic because this week was so much hate on Camillla and that isn't ok. Many fanpages cuted out Camilla of the new family pic and insert Diana inside and that's not ok. Camilla isn't my favourite Royal woman and I love Diana much more but I accept her because she makes Charles happy, even William and Harry accept it so you must it too and stop to say that Camilla killed Diana that's so stupid and think that she extra didn't take the name Princess of Wales because Diana had it already and it's so wrong to say that Camilla destroied the family it was decision to take Camilla and leave Diana. When you don't like Camilla than don't post the pic and cut her out or post it and leave her inside and guys even Diana would be alive she wouldn't be on the this pic because she wasn't anymore a Royal family member. Stop hating people because that is not ok and many people tooked their live because of hating and mobbing. So guys please spread love and stop hating!💕💐 xoxo Sophie #royalsareonlyhumans

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Well, this is other royal I know it’s been receiving hateful messages, comments and all. The worst part is this has been happening for years. I personally don’t like or dislike Diana; I think Charles was forced to marry her, and years later he finally could marry Camila, and it’s terrific for them, they are happy and have a great life. I don’t see why the hate towards her, Camila even respect her enough to don’t be known as the title she is granted, they waited years for their marriage. Prince Harry and William are happy with this, they get along so well with her, so why you all have to be mean with them?, it has no sense, even The Queen has accepted her, so stop the hate, of the family who was there from beginning to end can accept her, why we shouldn’t do that?, it’s just disrespectful, I can’t imagine you being like this with other people, that’s what makes us humans, we sometimes have mistakes but they can be fixed and let them in the past, so let’s do that, is just history and belongs to the past #royalsareonlyhumans [second photo: @history_royals]

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Hater wünschen Herzogin Meghan und ihrem Baby den Tod

Inzwischen finden sich unter dem Hashtag #royalsareonlyhumans sogar noch andere Adlige, die laut den Internetnutzern öffentlich schlecht wegkommen. Dazu zählen zum Beispiel Herzogin Sarah Ferguson, Prinz Charles und sogar Herzogin Meghan. Die Frau von Prinz Harry wird im Netz nämlich immer wieder Opfer von rassistischen Anfeindungen. „Ich habe unglaubliche böse Kommentare gelesen, die ihr den Tod, und sogar ihrem Baby den Tod wünschen“, schreibt eine Instagram-Nutzerin entsetzt.

Zuzanna hofft mit ihrer Aktion Leute zum Umdenken zu bewegen: „Ich möchte, dass die Menschen Camilla, und auch andere Royals, die viel Hass abbekommen, akzeptieren und respektieren. Ich möchte, dass die Menschen aufhören sie zu beleidigen, denn das verdient niemand.“

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Taking the inspiration of @history_royals, I share this post (and other that are coming) The Duchess Of Sussex, has received too much hate, even before she became a royal; and for many reasons, her skin colour, for being and actress for being divorced, for her style, etc. All of this should stop, specially all the racist comments, I’ve read comments incredibly rude, whisking her death and even her baby death, it’s too much. People we need to understand that everyone has a past, and if Prince Harry can accept that, why you shouldn’t?, she will never be Catherine Middleton that’s for sure, but she is elegant, and regal, and for my taste has a fresh style, feminine, modern and unique, so stop the hateful comments #royalsareonlyhumans

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